Berries Restaurant

Berries Restaurant Herefordshire Lunchtime PassBerries Restaurant is proud of the high quality, locally sourced food we use in our scrumptious food. We work hard to prepare for you so it goes without saying that our ingredients are the freshest and the best.

Each cut of meat you eat at Berries Restaurant comes exclusively from the Oakchurch Butchers. The Oakchurch Butchers meat is sourced locally and you can purchase the same fantastic meat over the counter to take home after your meal.

Locally sourced meat isn’t where it ends though, Berries Restaurant also pride themselves on using as much locally sourced vegetables, potatoes and fruits as they can; which is then prepared by fully-trained and widely experienced chefs for your delight.

Berries Restaurant is licensed to sell alcohol with food so you can enjoy a glass of wine with your lunch.